Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Foolish is Right, Hutcherson

Bigoted Bible-thumping Ken Hutcherson (pic from The Stranger) is way behind on the cycle. He is afraid a new ballot initiative in his Washington State might make his anti-gay/anti-same-sex marriage folk "look foolish."

He is several years late on that and, wowzers, he doesn't need any outside help.

The Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance has turned Hutcherson's rhetoric on him. Its I-957 wants gay-baiters and gay-haters to face their hypocrisy. Those who have screamed for years that the purpose of marriage is procreation have used a homosexual couple's inability to reproduce without some help as proof that they should not marry.

Of course, a large minority of opposite-sex couples cannot or choose not to procreate. Many do as same-sex couple do, like adopt or artificially inseminate.

The initiative would nullify any marriage in the state if the couple does not reproduce within three years. Consider it a call to reason or a parody, but it puts the lie to the absurd anti-SSM argument.

Even Rev. Hutcherson is not so dull that he doesn't realize the potential power of this. Focus on the Family reports on his reaction. "They want to put it on the front burner about how 'narrow-minded' Christians are. If they can get this and get some Christians to back this up, then they can really make us look foolish."

No duh, Kenny-poo.

Inherent in that is another of his oversights. He conflates his anti-gay group with all self-identified Christians. Quite a few are on the other side of Jesus, the loving and accepting side.

Ken's side doesn't expect the thinly staffed initiative to get enough signatures -- 224,880 signatures by the beginning of July -- for the ballot. However, just the idea gave him a chance to switch from Bible thumping to chest thumping.

"I'm going to see how it rides down in (the state capital) Olympia," he said. "If it gets any legs to it, then I'm going to chop the legs off."

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Laurel said...

I think it's important to point out that the initiative doesn;t just call out Hutcherson on his "reasoning", it first and foremost calls out the WA supreme court. The wording of the initiative takes the supreme court at face value in its opinion that it is jim-dandy to deny marriage equality because marriage is all about pumpin out the kiddies.