Friday, May 11, 2007

Bay Windows Little Red Wagons

Awww, that's kinda cute. Bay Windows is blogging -- double.

They aren't really a bandwagon, more of a caboose, but we expect good things from the news blog and arts blog over at what the MSM and wingnuts like to call our homosexual newspaper. (We try to imagine what kind of sexual preference an anthropomorphized newspaper would have and what sort of sex acts it might engage in.)

They're new at it and haven't populated all their side bars. Off the main page though, you can see both blogs on the upper left. We suggest that you bookmark one or both. We'll put the GLBT news-blog link here.

From the get-go, there's breezier, tighter writing in the arts version. The news one has stuff you won't see in the right column of hoary news briefs from the previous week. We'll keep watching.

Blog on, humanoids!

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