Thursday, May 03, 2007

Heavy Reading in Beantown

Just some pointers to thought-provoking political stories:
  • BayWindows 1: Petulant anti-gay forces try to divert bullying bills hearing on Beacon Hill. See Wing nuts turn out for anti-bullying hearing. The MassResistence Guy spouts more paranoia and conspiracy theory.
  • BayWindows 2: The push-protester-to-the-pavement (ahem, allegedly) guy, Larry Cirignano, was back in Worcester courts to push out his trial on assault and battery, and civil rights violation. See Cirignano back in court, rally videos on the web.
  • Boston Globe: A bit overblown treatment of marriage-equality forces here asking the national Dems for help in flipping Massachusetts legislators who are waffling on the marriage amendment due in this year's ConCon. See Marriage battle could broaden. The gist is "no stone unturned."

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