Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pending Podcast with Susan Ryan-Vollmar

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Our Tuesday podcast features guest Susan Ryan-Vollmar, Bay Windows' editor in chief. She's bright and witty, as well as very knowledgeable about Massachusetts politics in general and marriage equality in particular.

You can listen to the live stream at the podcast site Tuesday, May 8th, starting at 7:30 p.m. Get there by clicking Listen Live! at the top of the Left Ahead! home page or going to our podcast show. Less than an hour after the show, you can stream or download this show at either site.

Susan seems to suffer the editor's dysfunction — she runs lots of pictures of others, but not of herself. I couldn't find a good image. So, I include one of Martinique's Mount PelĂ©e. May 8th is the 105th anniversary of its last major eruption.

There is a small, fuzzy, but cute one of her here.

I can't promise a volcanic display Tuesday, but we do have tension and excitement. The next day is the first possible meeting of this year's Constitutional Convention (ConCon). The amendment to halt same-sex marriage here is one of the orders of business. It it passes with a one-fourth approval of the 200 legislators, it would move to the general election in 2008.

This blog covers this ballot-initiative drive in detail, as does Bay Windows. You can search either site for as much background and opinion as you can handle. I'll save any ranting for Tuesday.

Expect the usual suspects, plus guest Susan Ryan-Vollmar.

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