Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clinton Turns to Hope

Well, the analysis is beginning and will fill our ears and eyes today and beyond. The short is Hillary Clinton won just enough a piece of yesterday's primary/caucus combos to keep on. As the NY Times heads its analysis, In 2 Battlegrounds, Voters Say, Not Yet.

Her best news for her is that she won Ohio by 11 percentage points. She can continue to claim, with November implications, that she's the one who can win big states.

She got Ohio 55 to 43 and Rhode Island 58 to 49. She and Barack Obama split Texas; primary 51 to 47 Clinton and caucuses 52 to 48. He won Vermont 60 to 38.

This truly is the candidacy that won't die.

Bemused footnote: Some Vietnam War vet sewed up the entire Republican race last night too, not so anyone would notice.

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