Monday, March 17, 2008

Critters on the Wing

A noteworthy winger comment today gets special treatment here, because:
  • It included a very long post that was an entire anti-Obama column and a link to an anti-Clinton one.
  • It came in related to my fustigation of Geraldine Ferraro last week — out of place.
Instead, if you have not seen the Obama one, you should read it. It's intellectually and politically weak, but likely portends GOP attacks on whoever becomes the Dem nominee. It's pretty typical gotcha pseudo-analysis, picking this and that, and then extrapolating sweeping conclusions. Yawn.

You can find Barack Obama Offers Wild Revision of His Own History at the arch-conservative Human Events. You can find more of author Paul R. Hollrah's oeuvre there too. He is an equal-slanderer for all Dem candidates and liberal ideas.

This column ends with a call to spread the message, which apparently led an anonymous poster from Illinois to present it to me this morning. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My gift box also had a link, but not the Newsday column, Clinton earmark requests: You ask, we don't tell. This has a bit more substance, noting that she has not been forthcoming on earmarks, which everyone except Senators and those who get the benefits seem to hate. She should have fessed up when challenged on hers and didn't.

These sniping incidents have come from the fringes and not the Republican party per se. They probably do foretell what we'll hear in the summer and fall. Unfortunately for the GOP, their impact is likely muted. Those who hate Democrats, Obama, Clinton, liberals, progressives, liberal and such are already convinced of their evil.

The best those who advertise the gotcha pieces can hope is that they befuddle the already confused. We have seen in the news-like-programs such as 60 Minutes people saying they have heard that Obama is a radical Muslim. They are three-quarters to the place these wingers want them to be.

The desperation that drives these writers to such works is understandable. The alternate is to look at the abject failures of their own party, particularly over the past seven years. We can expect many more efforts at diversion and calls to emotion. Be warned.

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