Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hillary Stomping Her Lawsuit

You'd think the often self-described fighter in the Dem Presidential race would let her debating brilliance and the overwhelming support from voters prove her power. Instead, she's unloaded a stinking series of Republican-style dirty ads and even trying to change the primary and caucus rules at the last minute.

The message of suing Texas' Dems would include:
  • Admission of inattention and stupidity. Well, that other candidate may have paid attention and been prepared for the system here, but it just too hard for me!
  • Institutional amnesia. Hubby Bill Clinton was in at the origins of the primary-caucus Texas system when his senior campaign advisers helped craft it and won it twice in his presidential bids.
Hillary has gotten into the bad habit of doing stupid things and then denying them or claiming others related to her campaign did them guerrilla fashion. Conan the Candidate trying to pull the I-just-washed-my-supporters-and-can't-do-a-thing-with-them routine is not terribly convincing.

In Nevada, it was the state's biggest union (the education one) that sued on the caucus eve to change the agreed-on rules in her favor. There, Bill Clinton spoke in favor of this disenfranchisement effort.

Hillary pulled a Sgt. Schultz, knowing nothing, nothing about it.

In Texas, she has even less deniability after she had her political director, Guy Cecil demand clarifying rules sent to both candidates. Among his remarks was:
We want to see the results in writing, and we reserve the right to challenge something if we don't believe it reflects something that was discussed on the call (with Dem officials there).
Understandably the party considered that another lawsuit threat, while Cecil subsequently said it wasn't. Instead her campaign was just being thorough on such issues as:
  • Specifically, Clinton aides questioned a provision allowing caucus attendees to vote to move the location if they choose to do so, and whether people who had cast so-called "provisional ballots" in the primary would have their votes counted in the caucus.
  • They also expressed concern about the automated phone system precinct chairs would use to call in the results of each caucus, saying the party hadn't yet trained anyone to use the system properly.
To us non-attorney mortals that seems to be set up for failure and a nasty legalese assault to try to reverse results.

Fortunately, this is where the raw insights of Kiss My Big Blue Butt come into play. I love this blog-like-object (she insists her web-based postings are not a blog) from Tom DeLay's old district. She always tears the rag off the bush. As she puts it in this case:
I just want to remind Hillary of something: First off, your people helped write the rules in the first place. And, second off, earlier this year Dennis Kucinich sued the Texas Democratic Party and lost big time. And, dammit, he had Willie Nelson file the suit. Willie Nelson. If Willie Nelson can't intimidate the Texas Democratic Party, I'd say your chances are slim to none and fading.

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