Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bluster of the Vanquished in N.H.

The relief and threats spread over New Hampshire. Following yesterday's belated dénouement that legalized same-sex marriage there, we can figure:
  • SSMs can start there on January 1, 2010
  • Local anti-gay and anti-marriage equality folk will do the quixotic non-binding, per-town referenda thing
  • National anti-gay and anti-marriage equality folk have already targeted Gov. John Lynch
According to the Union Leader, the sore losers are making relatively meaningless threats:
Kevin Stone of the conservative Cornerstone Policy Research-Action, said Lynch once said he opposed gay marriage. "The governor evidently has no problem misleading the voters of this state ... We are confident that the voters will not soon forget." Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, said, "If Gov. Lynch decides to seek another term, you can be certain that he will have to answer to voters."
The referendum on whether voters like SSM in place is oddly hollow. Even assuming a solid majority opposed to SSM (unlikely), any action would fall to the legislature. By the bye, its final vote on the last of the three bills required to enable SSM was 198 to 176 in favor.

In his statement on signing the legislation, Lynch said, "Today is a day to celebrate in New Hampshire...Today should not be considered a victory for some and a loss for others." Good luck with that, Johnny. He added that the feds still don't recognize SSM — "And that should change." We won't take any bets on that happening soon either.

Down in New Jersey, the NOM folk are beside themselves with tropes. The N.H. law "ripped a significant hole in the fabric" the state. It sends N.H. "into dangerous waters. It will not be long before young children are taught in New Hampshire schools that they can marry someone of the same sex if they wish — that gay marriage is just as good as marriage."

It's fair to say that the real message is that homosexuals are as good as heterosexuals. Hear. Hear.

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Anonymous said...

Another liberal entitlement, ho hum...

These gays are not for 'equality' (you don't ask the government for your rights) but they are using their sexual preference to promote more socialism.

They are simply asking for more redistribution of the wealth enforced by government.

We conservative gays don't agree with 'gay marriage' being forced on the people for monetary benefits... it's socialism.

John Hosty said...

"We conservative gays"

Oh brother. Listen, it's painfully clear that you are neither gay nor educated on the issues, so please drop the act. If you have something to say then say it, don't mask it in lies.

"If Gov. Lynch decides to seek another term, you can be certain that he will have to answer to voters."

Well, Duh! You think politicians have to answer to voters? Wow, that's a new one. When did this start? ;)

Great article Mike, love your commentary. Hear, Hear!