Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rich Calls Out Obama on Gay Rights

This is just a pointer to Frank Rich's excellent 40 Years Later, Still Second-Class Americans on this morning's NYT op-ed page. He writes clearly — and maybe just a bit too gently — what many of us have been saying in our own corners.

His Stonewall think piece concludes that it is well past time for the President to show some commitment to gay rights, a.k.a. civil rights for homosexuals. Toward his conclusion, Rich cites Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of the Massachusetts HQ'ed Family Equality Council, saying that"...that he has given major speeches on race, on abortion and to the Muslim world. .People are waiting for that passionate speech from him on equal rights, and the time is now.'"

Rich adds, "Action would be even better. It’s a press cliché that 'gay supporters' are disappointed with Obama, but we should all be. Gay Americans aren’t just another political special interest group. They are Americans who are actively discriminated against by federal laws."

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ann e said...

Why is the Revolutionary Communist Party the only American group that understands this isn't Obama's country? Sure. Ideally, Obama would make a point of each person's right to love, and be loved by, whoever they do, but did we have any real reason to believe he'd do so? In the Biden/Palin debate, Biden took the typically liberal stance- first saying their administration would support the rights of homosexuals, then qualifying that statement to let everyone know that he meant homosexuals should be allowed to have their "loved ones" visit them in the hospital. Back to the RCP and the example all other groups in America need to begin following- now..this group has, since the election, said we can't wait for Obama to do this for us. These rights (applying to any of the human rights we are now being denied) are ours; the defense of them is our responsibility. Did the gay community really expect a democran to put his neck out for them? Are they still really expecting him to do so? Good luck. He may be a good man; he may prove to be a fair enough president, but he is far from the progressive leader that we could've hoped for as a protector of our rights. Action is the only way to bring change. Make him know it's safe to support this cause; let him know we'll be there to support him in doing so. Take back your country; it's easy once you realize it's your own. Live in your own America until the government surrounding you catches up.