Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grace Ross on Next LA Podcast

Grace Ross often makes pols uncomfortable. She doesn't scream at them or accuse them of personal failures. Rather, she explains the need for fundamental changes to government, policies to foster employment, keep people in their homes and pretty much give ordinary folk a fair shot at America's bounty.

The following is the promo for this week's podcast as posted on Left Ahead.

gracer.jpgEver the activist, often the gadfly, always the populist, Grace Ross joins us Tuesday — at 12:30 p.m. EST, two hours earlier than our usual showtime. Listen to the live stream then or come back to hear it on your own schedule.

The image here is part of a screen cap from a Greater Boston segment. You can prime yourself with that here.

She has long worked to change things for ordinary folk in MA and beyond, sometimes running for office, often filing legislation, and running organizations. Many remember her as the one in the 2006 gubernatorial debates asking the salient questions when the other candidates were staying LITE.

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