Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Restock Council with O'Malley

Recently ex-Boston City Councilor John Tobin is strong of personality and intellect. Moving from his District 6 (WR and JP plus a little) to a VP spot at Northeastern, he left gaps. Who'd drive the innovative legislation? Who'll be the entertainer? Who'll smooth the burrs off peers to make them work best together?

As I saw at his kickoff extravaganza, an astonishing phalanx of pols and activists think Matt O'Malley is more than ready for all aspects of the job. I agree.

While I recently moved into District 5 and can't vote in the November 16th special election, I strongly endorse O'Malley.

If you live in the District and have not given the race much thought, think and look and listen. First of course, plan to vote. These specials often have low turnout and the cliché of every vote being important is certainly true here.

Next, spend a few minutes or many minutes. Check the campaign sites:
On issues, all you need to know may be in a pair of 20-some-minute clips of the candidates' presentations to JP Progressives:
Links to their answers to the group's issues questionnaire appear on those pages as well.

Hennigan is a realtor and aptly has lots of real estate on West Roxbury lawns for his signs. He is dreadfully sincere and seems a nice enough fellow. He also saved his best, most fully fleshed out plank for the end of his closing remarks — more programs to keep teens busy and safe after school.

His site shows his small handful of endorsements. Two Councils are on the list.

O'Malley oddly enough does not list his many dozens of endorsements. At the top is Tobin and several Councilors, including President Mike Ross. Public and private groups and officials flock to him.

I'd go with the charismatic dynamo with progressive goals, Matt O'Malley. He is in the Tobin mold of boundless energy and deep compassion.

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