Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wicked Spin in Delaware

Rumpelstiltskin would be jealous of the straw-to-gold spinning this morning.

We at Left Ahead! shall save our raving and punditry until this afternoon at 2:30. Meanwhile, there's the predictable crowing by victors all around. The most fascinating remarks though come from some of the losers.

Dems have their own fantasy in immediate reaction to the long-predicted loss of House majority. As crisply recapitulated by Christopher Beam in Slate, there is a befuddled, intellectually indefensible message in the election of so many Republicans to Congress, something vague about it proving that what voters really want is for GOP legislators to compromise and work with Dems. Huh?

The oddest spinning of all though came from the graceless and divisive Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. She lost the U.S. Senate race there decisively — 16% margin — to Democrat Chris Coons.

You can judge their post-election speeches for yourself. Her decidedly non-conceding concession is here and his jolly mic time is here. The utter graceless divisiveness of her remarks illustrates again both why she lost so badly and what we can expect from many Tea Party supported candidates.

She claimed victory — "We have won...The Delaware political system will never be the same. The Republican Party will never be the same, and that's a good thing...Our voices were heard and we're never going to be quiet now."

Then the truly bizarre rant started with her quoting herself in her call to Coons. She says she admonished him and warned him that he'd better watch out for and take care of the richest business owners. He's supposed to pick up her plutocrat's position on opposing the "death tax" as the wealthiest like to slander paying anything in transferring their assets to their offspring. The implication was that somehow some terrible retribution would follow if he didn't do what she would have.

In total contrast, he was raised right. He praised the voters for rejecting the politics of no, saying "division has no place in this state." His aims would include getting the middle class back. He continued by thanking O'Donnell for her concession call, without mentioning her apparent threats. He said that he never for a moment doubted her love the the country and voters.

So, who'd you like to have dinner with and who'd you want representing you in the Senate?

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