Monday, September 05, 2011

Flash and Follow-Through, Prez

Over at the FT, Clive Crook nails the perfect poster on a tree for our President. I had my own thoughts about his Thursday jobs/economy speech, but this more than covers it.

It's a two-parter — go huge on the recovery program and then go directly to the voters to make it all happen.

He calls for Obama to propose:
  • Even deeper payroll-tax cuts
  • Lots of money for underwater mortgage principal reduction
  • Big subsidies for new jobs
  • State-level stimulus at least as big as the last time
  • Serious tax reform
  • Increased retirement age
The pathetic GOP Congress clearly doesn't care about Americans, just regaining power and returning to their disingenuous, failed policies. They won't support anything he says Thursday, even if fighting him permanently ruins our economy and democracy.

So, Crook figures almost certainly rightly that rallying the fearful and desperate public to his spend-and-reform program is the only workable strategy.

Enough said. It's time for action, Mr. President.

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