Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warren Day One

As I type, Elizabeth Warren allegedly is at or on the way to a T stop in Boston to (thank God, at long last, what took so long) announce she is running for the U.S. Senate from MA. This finally lets national liberal sorts get back in the game emotionally. The GOP/Tea Party types have flapped their skirts and flexed their flab over their savior du jour solo. Now it's the good guys' turn.

We just returned from three days on Block Island. We intentionally did not take a laptop or tablet and did not buy newspapers. This is an invigorating re-entry.

I have no doubt this will be both a mano a mano and simultaneously a surrogate battle. Wingers will be crazed in trying to keep the seat and lefties want some sense, smarts and a stronger majority in the Senate.

After a couple of years of disappointment in the POTUS — like rust destroying the good tools — national Dem and progressive money and energy have a target.

The best part is that scalpel-sharp Warren is bound to force Sen. Scott Brown to cut the crap. No more generalities, no more looking at the table as he mumbles clich├ęs to voters. He'll have to put out real ideas and verifiable facts about his intentions and deeds.

Warren's entry into the pond raises the water level considerably. Voters won't have any option other than listening, thinking and choosing.

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