Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ideas v. Jive for Senate

We know it's coming. When it's election time, Dems are bound to claim they trust the voters, they have faith in the collective judgment of Americans. They ignore inane and destructive, emotionally based previous results in what is a hidden plea for smart balloting based on issues.

There's probably not a lot of option here. Voters surely don't want to hear that they'd be asses to go for lies, generalities and impossibilities.

We certainly saw the absurdity of it with George Bush the Lesser. He promised guns and butter, the proverbial we're-American-we-can-have-it-all fantasy. Apparently the nation needed to hear that, to believe that. Absolutely, he told us, we can spend on the military and actual wars, while giving the richest people and companies free tax rides. Our never-ending growth spiral will make it all work. Likewise, Ronald Reagan promoted the still extant jive that if we only put more money in the accounts of the wealthiest corporations and investors, they will do the right thing, investing in their businesses, expanding jobs, and creating more consumer spending from their bigger paychecks.

You would think we would remember how those delusions worked out. As a people, we may not.

The rich as a group don't participate in the trickle-down pretense. Even in this dreadful, prolonged economic morass, they don't share the pain. They hold onto any extra tax breaks or other government dole. They don't create new jobs. They don't take a chance on expanding plants and improving infrastructure. They are happy to look to expanding markets overseas instead of ensuring a flush national set of employed consumers.

Now we have another shot, a voter IQ test as it were. Nationally, 2012 puts the POTUS' record to up and simultaneously on the MA level, a U.S. Senate seat. Voters will have before them the lies and the truth, the fantasies and the ideas. It is only a little dramatic to speak in Biblical terms, think Deuteronomy 30:19 — I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.

I honestly am not sure how emotionally needy we'll be this time, whether we can face our struggle together or will slip back into failed dreams and impossible hopes. Having spent considerable time researching Elizabeth Warren and sitting in a room for a couple of hours during her listening tour, I am sure she won't pander and lie or mumble and pretend.

Instead, in running for Senate, she could not contrast more with Sen. Scott Brown. He doesn't offer and likely doesn't have solutions (I suspect she has 30 IQ points on him). She's not about to say, "We can have it all. Trust me." She'll bring the ideas and realities directly to the debates and stump speeches.

We'll see what we in MA comprise. The results of the Dem primary will be measure one.

History stretching back at least as far as Dick Nixon shows us the hell we create with guns-and-butter fantasies. Instead, we could use a Senate rife with statesmen and visionaries, defining problems clearly and offering workable solutions.

That's Warren from what I've seen. We could use someone who lead us where we need to go and not just tell us what we feel we want to hear.


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