Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Godzilla, Job Creator

Surely you know that job-creator is largely, viciously, dishonestly mythology...don't you? Oh, likely not.

The Dems are fools in not pounding this absurd set of lies masked as "common sense." They only have a few more months to scream, hold up placards and sound the alarm.

As I am wont to note, whenever you hear some say either, "It's only common sense," or "Let's not reinvent the wheel," know that the real message is, "I have nothing and am about to make baseless assertions."

As surely as the NRA has successfully justified semi-automatic handguns in every home, winger pols have perpetuated the craziness that rich individuals and obscenely profitable companies make jobs that we lowly slobs should be endlessly grateful to have. Tell you what, search for some string like "job creator myth" and stun yourself with facts and knowledge.

Honestly though, no one has done quick, accurate, honest justice to the concept as super-rich dude Nick Hanauer. There are reams of data that show what he reveals in a scant six-minute vid (click below), but he has the salient issues and facts.

  • The economy perks and jobs appear when the middle class has decent income, a.k.a. becomes consumers with disposable income
  • When the rich people and companies get huge tax breaks, they don't spend them on expanding, but take money from potential consumers
  • Giving the top folk the bucks cripples the economy short, mid and long term
You have to lie to say otherwise and you have to be stupid, ignorant or both to believe otherwise.

This is the crux of the pending fall election and the economic future of this nation. The Dems and that Obama fellow have to say it loud, smart and straight at every turn.

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