Saturday, May 12, 2012

Goodwin Breaks Grossman's Ice Cream Monopoly

Joe Kearns Goodwin, Harvard grad, combat vet, General Court chaser and only 34, kicked off his campaign today in the sunshine, outside, with ice cream. MA Treasurer and Receiver General Steve Grossman has pretty much owned the politics-with-frozen-confection routine until this afternoon.

It worked.

State Rep. Cory Atkins hosted the event in her Concord (home is too mundane a term for the estate). Goodwin helped run her initial, successful campaign when he took off a semester from Harvard to do so. In a similar positive payback, Boston City Councilor Matt O'Malley showed to support him; they worked together in Steve Pagluica's bid for the U.S. Senate to replace Ted Kennedy.

Goodwin had a great supporting cast, including remarkably Dutch cocoa-based ice cream. He truly didn't need it. His stump speech was solid. By the bye, you can pretty much hear it all and more on his podcast with us on Left Ahead this week.

He is dynamic, confident, filled with progressive ideals and ideas. He claimed to be nervous and did peek at his big-type topic list a couple of times, but he had it down and should thrive in debate-like-events.

His only off-line criticism of himself is that he tends to talk with a single voter on the front stoop for 20 minutes. He admits he needs to get more efficient.

My only criticism is that he brings up some big stuff that needs specifics. For one, he wants new sources of revenue for the goals he's after, but definitely doesn't want that to be taxes that saddle the working residents. So..........?

His famous parents were there — historian/author/professor Doris Kearns Goodwin and speech writer/adviser to JFK and LBJ Richard Goodwin. His wife of about six months,Victoria, (with him in the pic left)   may be an even bigger booster. His mother is delightful and a warmly tactile and intense advocate. Plus I was there as he finished his speech. She hugged him and said, "Joe, you did great." Happy Mother's Day, Doris.

He delights in them all. On Mother's Day eve day, he was quick to praise his own. Before his speech and beside him during it, Victoria was likewise quick with the anecdotes illustrating his virtues.

His horde of young volunteers is devoted. They seem to come from his associations with Harvard, the military, his political campaigns, and even his high school. They believe.

About six weeks ago, Mara Dolan had a very different kick-off for the same office. Hers was also in Concord, maybe four miles away and in the center of town. Word is that the several Dems and two Republicans angling for this open seat make for fascinating and even combative fora. I'm going to make it my point to attend.

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Golden Dome said...

Solid review of this event. My family and I attended and we were all left with a strong and positive impression of this young man. I saw the first steps of what I am sure will be a long successful career of public service.