Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dinner Wisdom on Mitt

I'm not above lunch-counter philosophizing. Mitt Romney's most consistent trait this POTUS run has been refusing to correct or even modify his clumsiest, stupidest statements.

Of course, the worst to date has been is agonizingly prolonged comments to a bunch of rich folk on not so rich folk, a.k.a. voters — saying may ways that at least 47% of the electorate are bums who demand that the government support them,

Now, even with widespread wailing by right and far right pundits as well as lefties, Romney won't retract or even refine. He expects us stupid voters to finally get his brilliance and wisdom.

So, I picture myself sitting at the lunch counter with two or three friends. What is our Cap'n Brylcreem thinking?

My idea is that his background, both youth and adulthood, control his thoughts and actions. Consider first, that despite his delusional claim that he is a self-made multimillionaire, he grew up extremely privileged. His rich, highly connected dad sent him to the best private schools, through Harvard. Mitt was plugged into connections and opportunities ordinary mortals can hardly imagine.

Now because he and his wife, who grew up with similar wealth and power, had enough money to donate their actual inheritances, they suddenly are self-made. That sort of fantasy and egotism do not inspire confidence in his analytic powers.

Moreover, the dinner philosopher continues, he grew up like so many preppy, Ivy types, shouting people down. Increasing volume and repetition is the argument style of choice. This includes never retreating or rethinking or explaining. Bull ahead until you silence others.

I can't know for sure, but I'll bet many of his decisions came out OK, at least enough of them, that he honed a huge confidence that bullying and digging in were the right modus operandi for him.

Thus, over another cup of coffee, I conclude he's trapped himself in the no-retreat mode. Alas, poor Mitt, I knew him, guys. A fellow of infinite bluster or most excellent fantasy.

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