Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Dubs Us Riffraff

Despite the calls by the cold, controlled, uncompassionate Ann Romney, neither she nor anyone else has been able to show her husband as anything but cold, controlled and uncompassionate. We here in Massachusetts have long seen him as indifferent to real people, at best.

Of course, he has made Republicans uncomfortable...in both of this prolonged and awkward runs for POTUS. He has the social skills of a grinning wolverine.

The recent release of video showing his disdain for us is compounded and exacerbated by:

  • His ignorant, even stupid, lack of understanding of the role of government
  • His seeming unawareness of how the vast majority of us reach for or maintain that American Dream with earned assistance
  • His Ayn Rand-style makers v. takers conflation of economics and morality
  • His arrogant, insulting followup that all he said was right and his only regret is not expressing it elegantly and softly enough that we lesser mortals would accept it

Those who have trying for four years to sabotage President Obama must be soiling their silk boxers. They seem to have swallowed hard and repeatedly to pretend they like this ticket for 2012. Now this truly creepy jerk makes it plain he reviles most Americans and our ideals and principles. What we've sensed, we've now heard.

He can't return to the shadows quickly enough to suit me and many. Let him play Scrooge McDuck, diving into his pool of money, reveling in contact with currency, as cold as he.

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Anonymous said...

He is an arrogant SOB isn't he? And savor the irony Mitt's "No Apologies" rubbish leaves him no room to maneuver when he says something profoundly ugly & stupid.

Elias N