Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Maine Meanies Mayn't

There's another nine days for the reactionaries in Maine to collect 30,000 more signature in their effort to repeal the benign gay-right bill recently signed into law on March 31st. They need 50,519 verifiable voters to support a petition to put a recall on the November ballot. Otherwise, the law takes effect June 28th.

These jolly self-identified Christians have forced repeal of non-discrimination protection for sexual orientation before. In 1997, they squeaked in during the final days to bring in enough signatures to get the repeal on the ballot.

Back then, the voters didn't get how they were being uses. Polls say Mainers have lost their taste for pettiness and nastiness toward homosexual rights.

Of course, that doesn't make the law's supporters comfortable with the Christian Civic League's efforts. A vaguely chartered Maine Won't Discriminate group is trying to counter the haters. For the life of me, from their Website, I can't see what they are doing in the effort.

The Portland Press Herald has background and the status for the cons as of last week. Also, in the Talk2Action blog (great name, eh?), the June 15th post has an insightful and amusing coverage of the Camenker/Parker road show to Maine.

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