Tuesday, June 28, 2005

When Can Canadians?

The vote in Ottawa legalizing same-sex marriage throughout Canada should occur today. Yesterday afternoon, the Liberals voted to limit debate. The votes are there for passage. So legislators can soon paddle their canoes in the lakes and rivers.

The debate limit is for eight legislative hours. That brings on the vote by this evening.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are still being jerks about their loss on this issue. House Conservative Leader Stephen Harper continued his graceless silliness yesterday by claiming the passage will be seen as illegitimate.

One may well ask how that could be in a bill debated for two years in an open parliamentary system. According to Harper, the vote only is possible with the support of the legislators from the Bloc Québécois , who joined with the NDP and Liberals. From here, that appears to be how parliaments are supposed to work. Grow up Stevie!

By the bye, the Bloc, which continues to make separatist rumblings, has 54 of 308 seats in the Commons. Conservatives are wont to call them traitors and anti-federalists. Yet while they remain in the government, they are elected and they vote.

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