Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mainstream Mitt Mangler

The Boston Globe's Eileen McNamara got in the swing today. Her column today agrees that Gov. Mitt Romney's same-sex-marriage games are just that.

She notes that Mitt engineered and endorsed the civil-union-instead-of-marriage amendment stumbling toward the Constitutional Convention next year (or not). She adds that he delivered the necessary 15 Republican votes to pass it the first of two times to get it going.

Now that it might be more favorable to his POTUS shot to appear solidly against any gay partnerships, he suddenly jumps on the new petition circulating to get a DoMA law on the Massachusetts books. As of last week, the amendment he pitched so hard becomes "muddled" and "confusing" in his newspeak.

As McNamara puts it:
You can bet the governor won't be mentioning his role in winning passage of the marriage-lite amendment as he barnstorms the country in his delusional quest for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. Romney's record might be rife with ambiguity; his sales pitch to social conservatives is full of faux clarity on everything from gay rights to abortion and stem cell research.
She also agrees with the bunch of us that the commonwealth's voters want the legislature to get on with business. Same-sex married happened. It works. There's no problem. Do something real.

Of course, Mitt is all theater. Even his current state's polls don't matter a whit to Mitt. He is acting to the national audience.

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