Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flogging for the Greater Good

I would like to crush the anti-SSM forces like worms. In their current rescind-gay mariage here ballot initiative, they as undemocratic, unAmerican and unlikable as one can be.

Beyond that, I agree with my chum who says that people need to be aware of what the anti folk and AG Tom Reilly have let us in for with the ballot initiative. It's going to be two year of a tremendous waste of people power, emotion, and money as they fight their losing battle. He's a traditional New Englander, frugal to the cent, who hates to see such resource abuse.

We already know that the majority of the state has moved on. They see that same-sex marriage is permissible in the commonwealth constitution all along. They also see yesterday, today and tomorrow that it's none of their business. There's their religion or not and if they don't approve of gay marriage, don't marry a homosexual.

Yet, the overwhelming sense of bloggers I spoke with at BlogLeft, including the one I chatted with from Worcester to JP, that this fight is a painful battle that we must endure for the greater good. While yokels in Texas and homophobes in Florida rush to amend their constitutions to prevent equal rights, Massachusetts has another nyah, nyah, we're better moment.

The idea of my fellow bloggers is that this is a thumb in George the Lesser's eye. When Massachusetts voters say, "Fuck off, George (and Jerry and Rush and Jeff Jacoby)," we can gloat. We shall have stood our ground, turned the haters' let-the-people-decide rubric on its head, and told the illiberal rubes to go away.

I'll mull it, but I remain to be convinced.

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