Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More RNC Propaganda

Another variation on the theme that conservatives will twist and lie appears in today's Slate. In the case of The Grinch Who Doctored Photos, it's the Republican National Committee putting out the lies in an ad instead of through blogs.

Yet, the pattern repeats. Truth and reason are not important and not in play. It is a straight appeal to raw, negative emotions.

This example is of PhotoShopping a pic of a soldier in Iraq to make it look like he's being confronted with images of key Democrats as surrender monkeys. Not only are their quotes seriously out of context, but in the most egregious example, Barbara Boxer, is actually echoing recent comments by Donald Rumsfeld.

The analysis by John Dickerson nails the same theme as what's going on with bloggers. Stuff the truth. Assume your viewers are gut-only driven. Feed them dishonesty, so long as it gives them an emotional excuse to avoid thinking.

We simply have different audiences. I can't see that playing with lefties.

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