Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Further Fitchburger

A source for Rep. Emile Goguen tentative announcement about not running for re-election is in his local paper.

He told the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise that he'll say for sure in February.

Over at Beyond 495, word is "Susan Koeck, who ran unsuccessfully against Goguen in 2004 is looking to run for this 3rd Worcester seat again in 2006 whether Goguen retires or not." She told the newspaper that she'd step aside if she thought there was a better candidate.

Two locals considering running if Goguen quits are Fitchburg Mayor Dan H. Mylott and City Councilor Stephen DiNatale. The latter got the most votes in the last Council race. Goguen called him "...a knowledgeable individual, very intelligent, a good electable guy."

DiNatale's Website makes him look like a typical constitutent-services guy. That's certainly part of being a state rep, but says little about his political philosophy otherwise.

Mylott ran unopposed last time, which may say more about no one wanting the job in a declining city than anything. His site does have positions, although they are small-city specific. Crime: against; parks: keep 'em nice; business growth: sure. Cracker barrel wisdom:
A sense of character is missing from Fitchburg and we seem to be losing it more and more. Dan stands as the people's candidate for Mayor with a mission of building a city of character by leading it with strong character.

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