Thursday, March 23, 2006

Borrow-and-Spend Republicans

Time to wake up, voters! The Republicans have not only stolen all your money. They took your credit cards and checks and ran up massive debts in your name.

Now what are you going to do about it?

Borrow and Spend

Chant it until you get it. Borrow-and-spend Republicans. They are taxing the crap out of us and claiming that it is not a tax.

Let's say it up front. Some Democrats in Congress are as bad as Republicans on screwing America. In fact, you'd have a hard time guessing their parties from their voting records.

Yet, we have had a federal government totally controlled by Republicans. The wheels of blame and responsibility spin and spin, only to stop at GOP every single time.

The donkey guys need only read the numbers aloud. There's no place for the elephants to hide.

Last week, the GOP Senate voted almost straight party to add another $781 billion to our debt limit. They claimed that (don't laugh yet) without raising taxes the Bush government can poor more money into fighting the unnecessary Iraq war and continue the highly dubious Homeland Security and related alleged anti-terrorism actions.

Lets see, that means:
  • Four debt ceiling raised in Bush's five years -- so far.
  • A Bush debt of $3 trillion (that's 12 zeroes).
  • The GOP surplus-to-engulfing-debt has produced just short of $9 trillion of national obligations.
There are no fiscal fairies to save us. No one will come in the night to leave pots of gold and jewels that we can redeem.

Today's adults, their kids and grandkids and perhaps beyond will live with lower standards, less hope, less safety (personal and national) because of the shocking, dishonest and dishonorable profligacy of Bush and the Congress.

Call It Taxes

Everyone in and out of Congress needs to call it what it is. The GOP policy of raising debt is taxation, extreme taxation.

Republicans make it far worse by obscene tax cuts to the wealthy when fiscal responsibility was clearly the need. Spending trillions on an unnecessary and unwinnable war is beyond stupidity. It is moronic behavior leads to the deaths of tens of thousands and the economic servitude of millions of Americans.

Borrowing and spending is taxing. Bush is the tax president. The GOP is the tax party.

Let's call it what it is and stop them. It make take decades to undo their damage...if we start now.

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