Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Christy's Fustigation, Sort of Apology

It'll take some boots to wade through the logorrhea, but for the politically precision minded, the followup from the Christy Mihos kind of campaign site is here on UniversalHub. Our post pointing to the original is here.

There's a lot of obfuscating verbiage, apparently from the wife of the Christy's employee who set up the site that routed to his boss'. At its shortest:
  • She insists several times that the HubPolitics guys slandered and lied.
  • She eventually admits that her hubby handled the mechanics badly.
  • She says that, yup, it certainly would have appeared as HubPolitics originally claimed.
Oddly enough, buried in her apology of the process, she says a couple of times that hubby informed Mihos along the way. This unintentionally, to us, shifts the issue back to him. Was he not paying attention? Shouldn't he have told the guy not to do this or at least put this small amount on his donations list?

The missus missive writer makes prolonged fun at what she sees at HubPolitics' geek failures. Then she finally gets to kind of, sort of saying that hubby caused the problem with:
The only mistake, if it can even be called that, was a human error, and it was not a mistake made by Christy Mihos. When my husband went to purchase the christymihos.net website, he used his already established dotster account, which, as you know, has the company name listed as the owner but it is not in fact the owner, only the company my husband had put together a website for. This is what has led to the confusion, and my husband and I apologize for the unintentional misrepresentation of the website’s ownership, as well as apologize to hub politics for creating a set of circumstances that would lead them to believe a violation had taken place, and we also extend our sincere and heartfelt apologies to Christy Mihos and his campaign staff, as this negative press and whatever time, energy and resources utilized by his staff to deal with it would obviously have been better spent on the positive campaigning and not spent on false allegations of such a severe nature as a campaign violation.
She must be a descendant of Victor Hugo.

That's not to say it isn't good to get some details. However, all the words aren't likely to convince anyone that her side is clean and HubPolitics is dirty.

Mihos could have prevented it all by paying attention to what the site owner told him or by clearing up the mess when it came to light. At the very least, we can hope that he learned to tell his campaign staff to pay attention to donations and their details. We really have far too many important ideas in this campaign to stay mired in this junk.

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