Thursday, May 18, 2006

MBTA Fare Boycott

A great resource for all-things-T (right now) is here. She's calling for a boycott on Tuesday, June 6th.

That's not a coincidence. It is the last formal hearing in Boston about the proposed 25% fare increase.

If you can't do Boston at the main library, there's Framingham that evening and Lynn the next day. Check the sked.

I think the logic of having the two Boston-proper hearings in the afternoon of a work day is to include as may distant commuters as possible. I bet they'd get a much better and more representative set of attendants at 6 or 7 p.m. when the locals are around. Or maybe, pardon the wee paranoia, that's not accidental.

In case you missed it, I think the issue is phrased wrong. The T should be free, as proposed here. Debating the latest fare increase is like begging the bully to only hit you twice today.

I have blogged on this and written my Senator and Rep proposing full T funding. No fare is fair. For you, this is the time to get involved, speak up regardless of your position.

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