Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Murray Endorsement by a Smile

We endorse Tim Murray for Massachusetts lieutenant governor. We believe that he has the best raw material to help put a Democrat in the office. We also think that he is city and town enough oriented to attack and solve the most pressing problems in the state.

He has by far the broadest support among his mayoral peers, in the General Court, and at all levels of government. This bodes well for both him and the next governor in getting legislation and widespread support for policy changes.

Among the three -- including Andrea Silbert and Deb Goldberg, he distinguishes himself in granularity. That is, he seems to have a clear understanding of issues from the broadest level down to small towns. He alone speaks of how such issues as improved mass transit can improve life for the vast majority of residents.

Goldberg doesn't have the experience to show that she can deliver on her noble aims. Silbert speaks grandly, but seemingly of such broad issues that are likely beyond the reach of the lieutenant governor.

That written, we win with any these folk. Any of the three candidates towers above the chair warmers who have been in the office for so long. All three are eager to expand the role of the office and be more a complement to the governor than someone waiting to sign a bill or two if no boss is in sight.

We think Murray has the personal power to attract the most voters. He has the respect to get things done when he's in office as well.

Silly Personal Note: Years ago, my wife and I both worked at Cahner's Publishing in the South End (Cahner's Place is still there off Columbus). Stately and gracious Norman Cahners married the daughter of Stop & Shop's founder. We shopped there and many of us had the company-store feeling. Norman helped perpetuate that by having frozen turkeys for each employee for Thanksgiving. How rustic and delightful. Deb's candidacy reminded me of the idealized old times.

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