Saturday, April 14, 2007

Candidate SSM Tally Sheet

Over at Pam's House Blend, she lists the candidates for president in relation to marriage equality. This come complete with responses to her questions about supporting same-sex marriage or civil unions, as well as whether they would repeal the federal DOMA.

On these issues, Alaska's Senator Mike Gavel stands out as best. Specifically, he favors SSM and would dump DOMA.

One of her main inspirations for the compilation is the squish factor. The alleged front runners don't have the courage to be counted here or are on the wrong side. Obama and Edwards are a solid no on SSM and are okay with civil unions. On DOMA, Obama said nearly four years ago that if it came up to a Senate vote, he'd vote to repeal it; he hasn't responded on this since. Edwards has avoided the question.

Clinton is bad on this. Ironically considering her personal history, she says she strongly supports marriage as only between a man and a woman. She's made that work; perhaps that's her real answer to women as well as homosexuals. She'll only play pragmatic on civil unions or domestic partnerships, not saying they are the bare minimum, rather that they might be achievable. Sponge Hillary Square Politics.

Head to Pam's for the whole list and results.

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Ryan said...

I totally take that back...

He's a dem. It's time for some accountability if that's his position.