Friday, April 06, 2007

Get Down, Low Down, in Lowell

Ladies and Germs, Saturday, April 7th, promises to be cloudy, maybe drizzling, cold and otherwise New England vernal. Instead of hiding with the TV remote or being sorry you're out, head to UMASS Lowell for the old media-new media conference The New(s) England Revolution.

You can see who's coming and what their choices are here. It's a whole day -- replete with a ta da! box lunch in a genuine box -- for small beer, $10 to $28.

Some of your favorite rabble rousers and loud mouths, such as Lynne, Susan and Lisa from the blog world join salaried news types and academicians. There are competing sessions on technologies and directions of media, citizen journalism, and education.

Beyond the self-absorption, political distractions include an address by Vermont Governor James Douglas and an hour pitting at least five of those who want U.S. Rep. Marty Meehan's seat against each other. And so it begins...

This has to be a more memorable Saturday than you had planned.

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