Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lynch Aligns Mug and Wump

According to the AP, New Hampshire Gov. James Lynch is finally off the fence, saying he'll sign a civil-unions bill when it plops on his desk. He's probably too old to become decisive now, but this is a long-overdue and welcome development.

He suddenly claims to have both morality and empathy. He old the reporter, "I believe it is a matter of conscience, fairness and preventing discrimination...I still think marriage is between a man and a woman, but this prevents discrimination."

Unions look sure to pass, likely in next Wednesday's session.

That doesn't suit everyone, including state Republican Chairman Fergus Cullen. He lamented, "The Democrats are going too far, too fast and Gov. Lynch is going along with them. These are not the actions of a moderate governor."

Seeming to represent the strong majority in the legislature on this, Rep. Bette Lasky, a Democrat who led the fight on the bill, said, "It's never going too far when you give people their rights and I honestly believe that the majority of people in this state want to do just that and do not want to discriminate."

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