Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Endorsement — Eldridge for Congress

Last evening, during the Left Ahead! weekly podcast, the three of us formally endorsed Jamie Eldridge for U.S. Congress to replace Rep. Marty Meehan in the 5th Congressional District. I would like to iterate that here. I'm the last of the three of us to announce for him.

Actually, I never wavered. Of the candidates, he is the only one with the broad spectrum of progressive positions and policy plans to back them up. He has by far the greatest legislative experience. He also shows the leadership and courage that makes him more than adequate to carry on and surpass Meehan's crusades.

Future posts will compare and contrast candidates. You can get more than your fill of that right now at Dick Howe's excellent site.

The fact of it is that for progressives there really is no comparison or choice. Jamie Eldridge for Congress.

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Chris Mason said...

Great endorsement! Jamie is an excellent legislator and would make a superb Congressman. He was my State Representative when I lived in Lunenburg. He taught me that it is important to contact your elected officials when you care about an issue. He is not only a good lawmaker, he is a genuine great guy.