Thursday, June 07, 2007

Two for the SSM Road Show

Ooo, the slugs are crawling around the Boston Phoenix today. They haven't slimed their way to the website to load up today's issue.

When they do (or before if you are near a Phoenix street box), go to David Bernstein's Power Hungry? feature. He provides the background and conventional wisdom on next week's Constitutional Convention.

Note: The Phoenix critters woke up, Power Hungry? has a link now.

The short of it is as so many of us been whining. With only 50 of 200 votes needed to advance the amendment to strip the right to marry from our homosexual couples, it looks like it would take some real courage by the leaders to stop it.

This piece provides commentary on the pro-marriage-equality efforts, including what the governor, attorney general, speaker of the house and senate president are doing, what they aren't doing and why.

Bernstein can't find out any better than the rest of us which pro- and anti-equality sides think they have in terms of votes.

Bernstein doesn't have the answers either, but he lays out all the info you need to become a pundit yourself.

Armed with the facts and opinions, you should head over to Bay Windows, where boss lady Susan Ryan-Vollmar's lead editorial makes the salient issue plain for all elected officials. Not only because she agrees with me (but more gently), I like the candor and insight here. This is the vote that will determine the legacy of legislators.

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