Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Marginalized: Camenker's Kids

They are self-parodies and it is impossible to be serious about Article 8/MassResistance/Parents Rights Coalition. They are the court jesters of gay-rights and marriage equality in Massachusetts.

This is part two in a series of those who marginalized themselves in the battle to stop same-sex marriages in Massachusetts. See part one on the local Roman Catholic hierarchy here. and part three on the VOM group.

The tiny group of two plus a few hangers-on managed an impressive amount of coverage in the most gullible media, notably the Boston Globe. They were always good for inflammatory counterpoints to reason.

Even though they tried to distance themselves from the anti-SSM amendment (it didn't go far enough; they wanted to reverse up to 10,000 existing SSMs), their death throes writhed with the defeat of the amendment. While the rest of Massachusetts and even conservative politicians elsewhere have conceded that homosexuality is innate, Brian and Amy maintain a sexual-orientation version of The South Will Rise Again. Look at their main site or their blog to read unbelievable lies, distortions and contortions, all centered on the thesis that we should all devote ourselves not to peace or bettering the world, but to harming homosexuals in any way we can.

In a moment of sincerity, I must write that these dreadful losers, the most damaged casualties of the recent amendment battle, have an open door. They gained an inordinate amount of publicity and media coverage for a tiny group with little to say. This is the definition of effective PR. If they could stifle their hate (fat chance!), they could market themselves as flacks extraordinaires.

If you don't know these buffoons, you can eat far more than you can digest at MassResistance Watch. There, Bud has several years of coverage that would astonish. These folk have missed this century and much of the last.

If there were any question about how one-track they are, you need only listen to the podcast that Brian had just after the amendment flushed into legislative oblivion. Go to the site of the obscure Maine anti-homosexual group, newly constituted at the Christian Education League, to hear Homosexual Totalitarianism. Here, Brian holds forth about how the amendment struggle lost because the Mass Family/VoteOnMarriage folk did not directly attach homosexuals as primary societal evils.

Amusingly enough, the CEL is really Maine's primary anti-homosexual leader, Michael I'm-not-a-minister-but-I-play-one-on-the-Internet Heath. He led the similar abortive campaign to repeal gay rights legislation in his state. A big L to both losers.

The Massachusetts version lost big as Article 8, which promised to recall the Supreme Judicial Court judges who voted to legalize (yes, sir, legalize by high court) same-sex marriage in the Goodridge decision interpreting our equal-rights laws. Losers.

They backed reactionary parents David and Tonya Parker in trying to mandate curriculum in public schools to fit their fundamental religious beliefs. The school board, police and federal courts told them to grow up and get lost. Losers.

They said, well, even though it accepts existing marriages, the amendment to stop SSM here is great. Losers.

They backed yet another effort to insert theocracy into public education with Senate Bill 321 -- dying after failed committee hearings. Losers.

They called for defeat of pro-marriage-equality legislators, only to find all their candidates out and all the pro-equality ones in. Losers.

There really seems to be no end to this. Because the topic was hot nationally as well as locally, this tiny group of hate mongers got great coverage. Yet, their issues lost, lost and lost...and lost again.

No one of any power or with any intellect can take them seriously. Legislators know these few are way out of sync with the voters. The extreme anti-gay forces are out of the game.

Blessed be.

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Anonymous said...

Well, there's five minutes of my life I'll never get back again.

I listened to Michael S. Heath, Christian Education League's Executive Director as he interviewed Brian Camenker.

There's something about Heath's voice that sends my gaydar right off the scale. Does anyone out there concur? Or is it just me?

And Camenker is correct in the podcast when he says "the gays wanted all or nothing." He wrings his hands and laments that "you can hear the gays gloating in the background. There are thousands of them here in front of the statehouse, just GLOATING... It's absolute bedlam. I mean, they are gloating, they are yelling and screaming."

Michael concurs, saying the GSBT movement has become "brutal" and "in-your-face."

Project much?

Brian then comments, ominously, "People need to take this seriously.... "We've been respectful. But there are times when we don't need to be respectful, because these people are just going to do horrible things."

Sounds like the wingnut crazy faction of the religious right is getting ready to resort to violence. Diane Steele and Larry Cirignano, it would seem, were belwethers. Unfortunately, our side had better come up with a strategy to deal with physical attacks and threats of violence, because if the past is any indication the police will be disinclined to do their jobs under such circumstances unless pressure is applied.

One moment of truth: Brian says of the gay rights movement, "This train isn't about to stop."

He's got that right. And it's going to run right over his ass.

Doodle Bean said...

"...because these people are just going to do horrible things."

Yeah! Horrible, terrible things such as settle down, buy homes, adopt children, pay taxes... maybe - horror of horrors - they will even attend some PTO meetings!!!!

Will those people's evil never cease?!?!?!