Monday, December 03, 2007

Catch John Tobin Tuesday

Over at Left Ahead!, we're looking forward to talking term limits with Boston City Councilor John Tobin tomorrow. You can listen in live at 2:30 p.m. or catch it later from the same spot. You can also listen to or download it from the Left Ahead! archive.

Congratulatory Note: John and wife Kate had a second son, Daniel, last week. That is the couple in a pic from John's website.

Shortly, John will propose term limits for Councilors and the Mayor. That promises to be the best debate and fight of the Council year.

Many Americans like the idea of limits, at least on those in Congress. There are very few states or municipalities that get past the incumbents' objections. About the only constant in the U.S. is a two-term President.

We'll kick around what you stand to gain and lose by limiting tenures.

As for da Mare, Thomas Menino, the MSM and some bloggers have taken to calling him Mayor for Life. Feel free to remind me that I have already predicted, as in this post, that Tom won't run in 2009. Some others are saying he won't be able to help himself and don't know when to leave a winner.

I'm not sure we'll get to whether Tobin will say he has mayoral aspirations. Already though, David Bernstein over at the Phoenix is handicapping him as number three on the list. That article includes:
Another pol who’s not shy about his mayoral ambition, Tobin starts with a strong base in one of the highest-voting districts in the city, centered on the West Roxbury Parkway. Good-looking and likable, Tobin is a natural on the stump, and has allies throughout city political circles. But he’s far from a household name, and doesn’t seem to have a single issue or trait to distinguish himself in people’s minds. If he uses the coming year to stand out on an issue on which Menino is thought to have failed— such as education or housing — he could be a formidable candidate, say several sources.
John's a straight talker. This should be good.

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