Thursday, December 20, 2007

Moist Mitt

Willard (or should that be Weep-ard?) Mitt Romney is awfully stupid for a supposedly brilliant VC. His latest I'm-the-nice-one ploy is both unconvincing in light of his cameo appearance as Massachusetts governor and a gross miscalculation.
I suspect this will be a turning point in his campaign...not in the way this arrogant manipulator hopes. As the observers note, this is straight theater, or more specifically, melodrama. Even conservative Republicans are ready for a real candidate and not to replace the Clown with the Cynic.

As an old guy myself, I am someone who can relate to the sensitivity that comes with experience. For many of us, we bury enough parents, peers and others, we struggle through career troughs, we tend to sick children, and we, well, live. That's why men particularly tend to be much more emotionally demonstrative with age. Adversity blunts bluster.

On the the other hand, as Vennochi and Elias home in on, Weepard's insincerity is incredibly obvious. Back when maybe misting Presidential hopefuls like Edmund Muskie were tagged as weak weepers when the voters wanted a strong leader, tears were toxic. In contrast, Romney grossly insults each of us by his recent skits.

He did remind me though of an amusing country song, Back in the Saddle by Mataca Berg. (Even those of us who don't like country music enjoy her sophisticated words.) In the lyrics, she's been at a dude ranch/health spa and is re-entering the real world at a cowboy bar.
Well, it must've been the burned out new age coffee house
So called sensitive guys
I never thought a leatherneck suckin' on a long neck
Could make my temperature rise
Well, Weepard appears like a prissy rich guy in French cuffs. Showing the Republicans his sensitive side again and again and again is a wonderfully self-destructive move. It's the meringue on top of a dish of Marshmallow Fluff. It's both cloying and lacking in substance.

It won't play in Des Moines.

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