Monday, December 31, 2007

Who the Devil are These Candidates?

We of wee self-control who obsess about politics have been known to follow candidates and have an opinion or two. We'll do that aloud on Wednesday on our Left Ahead! podcast.

Sked Note: This is our usual time, but a one-day bump. The podcast will run from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, January Second, this week only.

Even though this has been the longest Presidential race ever, voters interviewed by MSM often say they don't know what a particular candidate believes and wants to do if elected.

This election has a circus parade of clowns, acrobats and animals (or pundits, preachers, puffballs and pests). After months up and down Main Street, how could people not know where these folk stand? Of course, the likely answer is that they don't read daily newspapers, they get snatches of fluff from TV and cable news, they avoid the public affairs programs, and they await the election fairies coming to present them magically with only one choice, between two major party candidates.

Fortunately, ignorance is almost always easy to fix. Stupidity is another matter, but it's not the major problem here.

Even more fortunately, some journalists in Iowa had the right attitude and enough time. The Des Moines Register staff has assembled enough info on the candidates to shame the entire League of Women Voters. For an all-you-can-eat-and-more buffet of issues and answers, click over to the paper's candidates' database.

Scan by issue or candidate. Get bios.

You say you want to know how Mike Huckabee finds spiritual renewal? Head to his page and find that (in my words), he likes to kill fish and mammals. His long answer includes, "I turkey hunt, deer hunt, duck hunt, and so, to me, as close to heaven as I think I could get would be sunrise out in the flooded timber of Arkansas on a January morning during duck season." Quack. Quack.

How about whom would Rudy Giuliani consider a worthy candidate if he didn't get the shot? "People know that I think John McCain would make a good president. I think I'd be better, but John would have been my choice had I not run."

There's lots there — big and small issues, definitive statements and evasions, smarmy generalities and straight talk, words and videos. Eat 'em up.

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