Friday, September 26, 2008

The No on Question 1 Side

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Home of an early, famous tax revolt, a.k.a. the Boston Tea Party, Massachusetts is at it again. Voters will go to their battle stations again in November. This time, it’s ballot question 1.

This would cut the 5.3% personal income tax in half in January 2009 and eliminate it entirely the next year. Taxpayers would appreciate over $3,000 more cash. The commonwealth would lose up to 39% of its revenue.

The yes-on-1 people say the government would find ways to slash waste and make up the difference. Our guest Tuesday (9/30), Michael J. Widmer, says otherwise.

Listen in live at 2:30 p.m. or catch it at Left Ahead! later.

Widmer is president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. He frames the much more complex reasons and arguments against the ballot measure.

We may be able to get a small-government/yes-on-1 person on before the election.

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