Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin's Second Vicious Animal

The beauty princess/sportscaster morphed yet again Wednesday. GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin put it down hard and heavy. Dems only have two months to call her on her lies...and her pathetic political failures.

In clear contrast to John McCain's plodding presentations, her delivery rocked, and rocked the room repeatedly. As a result, for once in many months, the old, misspeaking head of the ticket looked like he did something right in picking Sarah Who?

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Palin (in the endearing family photo left) was raw and out there in 1) her attacks on Barack Obama and Joe Biden and 2) in claims of what she has done and what she and McCain would do in office. That's the terrible news for Dems. She will surely cause a big bump for the GOP and likely even push the pair ahead in polls.

The good news comes in two forms though. First, she made so many outrageous exaggerations and outright lies, she can be called on them repeatedly and specifically. Moreover, the woman already known by her school nickname of Sarah Barracuda added another nasty image. She said she was a hockey mom, a.k.a. a pit bull with lipstick.

Solo and in debates and interviews, Dems absolutely must tear the cloth off the lies. She specifically and the GOP nationally did not reduce government or reduce pork; they were the primary offenders. They expanded government and wallowed in waste. For another, Obama is for raising taxes only on the richest few percent and reversing the shameless sucking of the fiscal blood of America by the failed Republican policies.

It goes on and on. Virtually every one of her claims against Dems and for the elephants is a lie. There were maybe a dozen big ones in this 36 minute address alone. (Read or listen to it here.)

The second half of the good news is that she clicked her high heels together, scrunched up her Sally Field face, and made it plain she was no longer the pageant contestant. Rather, she's the vicious animal ready to tear apart the opposition. Dems don't have to play nice with the girl, because she called in the pit bull sub for her position.

What is it that the guy who sits on the Oval Office toilet said a few times — bring it on!

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