Friday, March 20, 2009

Guilty Rich Guy for Chuck Turner

This evening, you can nosh and gnash with Chuck Turner...for a minimum contribution of $25. Philanthropist by spousal inheritance, David Ludlow, of JP is giving it up for the indicted-for-corruption Boston City Councilor.

Details are on Turner's defense site and and at Open Media. Overlooking the White Stadium side of Franklin Park, you'll have access to Turner, Mel King, and "beer, wine, many Hors d’Oeuvres, a chicken and a fish entre." (The promo is sincere but replete with typos.)

Ludlow is a quiet, but big-time, giver to many causes. His wife's death in a climbing accident 13 years ago left him with a multimillion dollar trust fund. He belongs to a group that vows to give at least 50% of their annual incomes to charities and other good causes.

He describes his late wife as an "anti-racism activist." With control of the fortune, he turned to lefty causes, including founding Social Justice

Today's event promo includes Ludlow's reasoning:
As I hope you know, he is innocent of accepting a bribe for procurement of a liquor license. As you know well, he is a most generous, self-sacrificing servant for the people of Boston and has been a leader in the fight to end poverty in Boston. I believe that large numbers of Boston’s poor can not make it out of poverty without him. With his great courage, knowledge, skill and ability I believe that they can make it out of poverty, but only if we stand up and stop the attacks from the defenders of unbridled corporate power.
As an aside, the Turner site and this promo ask that checks be to Committee to Re-elect Chuck Turner. That doesn't seem wise or legally clean, particularly as Turner is facing charges and in his statements he admits he may not have been 100% scrupulous in accounting for his contributions. In fact, he says that if he accepted the $1,000 from a businessman, he figured it was such a campaign contribution. That would have been double the legal maximum per person and would have required recording and filing.

Regardless, Turner with dead-animal entrées anyone?

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

On top of everything else, Turner eats dead animals?! And has fund-raisers?!? God, the man is obviously an unspeakable monster.
That said, you are right that the promo should also have included a note about the maximum allowable contribution.