Sunday, March 22, 2009

New England on SSM Edge

Perhaps because the hearings have been so public and the short-term advance so solid, I've been excited about Vermont's same-sex marriage bill. We have more coming regionally. Look for:
  • Mainers are certain to have SSM bill hearings (April 24) and likely to vote on their bill LD 1020. This legalizes SSM and wipes out the state DOMA wording. By the by a tepid bill (LD 1118) mildly upgrading civil unions will go on the table too, with the idea of keeping everyone quiet and polite. Fat chance.
  • A little West, New Hampshire is a bit constipated and indecisive. Their bill to legalize SSM (HB 0436) was deadlocked in committee last week (10-10). It will still go to the full House this coming week for debate, but without recommendation. For a preview of that, read the linked article and see the heavy-handed religious lingo flung in the Judiciary Committee hearing.

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