Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pro-Equality Vermonters Eying Override

Finally...someone in the Vermont same-sex marriage struggle in the House is showing some guts. We all like numbers and are most comfortable with things we can touch and count, be they income or votes. Yesterday, someone was at last willing to start the counting.

The Free Press reports both the mush mouth and the strong statement. Until last afternoon, both pro- and con-SSM folk spoke like supporter and sponsor House Speaker Shap Smith. "We will have the votes in the House to ensure the bill passes, and I need your help to make sure we have the votes to override any veto."

Likewise individuals and organizations on both fronts beseeched their minions to call and write legislators and the governor.

Then with the vote imminent, it finally came to dueling predictions on whether there are the necessary 100 of 150 House votes to override the governor's promised veto:
  • Anti-marriage equality coordinator Rev. Craig Bensen, who has coordinated opposition to the bill, said he doesn’t think supporters can reach 100 votes. “We see the veto as sustained and we see them seeing the veto as sustained."
  • Pro-marriage equality David Zuckerman "said the House is 'easily past 75 votes,' which he characterized as a 'tremendous accomplishment' over previous years. 'We may not be quite to 100 votes yet, but I can tell you just yesterday I spoke to Republican legislators who say they are struggling with their decision. We will get 100 votes in this chamber.'"
The lobbying, cajoling and horse trading will continue up to the vote and maybe beyond if the passage margin hovers around 100.

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