Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast, Me Hearties, Make Ye Mark!

Aaar, for them what don't know yet, this be
Massachusetts Primary Election Day, bumping haaaaaard into Talk Like a Pirate Day, aye.

We'll fly the same flag and sail.

I'll be keel hauling lubbers and sea dogs alike who don't make their marks on ballots.

Unless ye want to feel the cold steel of me cutlass, bend an ear to me end-aaaar-sements:
  • Governor -- Deval Patrick
  • Lieutenant Governor - Tim Murray
  • Secretary of State - John Bonifaz
And if ye be in the Ninth, Representative - Philip Dunkelbarger

For them that anchors in me home port, Sixth Suffolk, be blackening the spot of Representative - Willie Mae Allen.

Ye swarthy salt, if ye been sleeping at the helm, view the lot of 'em here.

Step smartly, matey! Polling hatches clang shut at 8 bells, last dog watch. Weigh anchor!

As the sun plunges below the yaaaaardarm, unplug the bung hole and drink up! Hie to ye cabin and look to the flashing box.

Aaar, may me favored mates stand tall!

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Anonymous said...

Enough! with the damn pirate talk! You definitely need a Valium!

Anonymous said...

Yes I know this is minor given the momentousness of Deval's victory (a victory for all of MA I say! congrats Deval!), and I try not to rejoice about other's misfortunes, but MARIE PARENTE LOST!!! Of all the homobigots at the concon in 2004, she was among the worst. While St Fleur, Wilkerson and others were getting up there and giving sublime testimony to the primacy of civil rights over job security for pols, Parente was blowing her white trash nasties and holding nothing back. Bye bye Marie! Yahooo!

massmarrier said...

Right on! I don't think it's minor. I just noticed the little item on that as I was headed to work. I'll track down the figures and rejoice in malice.

She was long overdue to get tossed.