Thursday, September 21, 2006

Most Boston Votes Count

While we're waiting for the Second Suffolk Senator write-in vote count, we have considerable experiential evidence of much wider irregularities at Blue Mass Group in a post by Cos.

The city and state admit to eight precincts with zero tallied write-ins. Hence, we have a count of those. That's not a recount; they never had a tally.

If Cos' report is anywhere near accurate, it looks like we need a full count on all the Second Suffolk precincts. The story has it that some poll workers were told not to bother and that it wasn't necessary. Others disqualified ballots that did not add an X or darken the oval next to the write-in or sticker; that conflicts with the laws and regulations that those are not necessary.

We're betting this ends up dragging on Florida style. However, don't expect a high court here to get involved. What we need is what voters expects -- count 'em, twice if needed.

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Peter Porcupine said...

I'm involved in a recount down here, and will probably be appointed as an observer.

I have been AMAZED at this whole story. Our recount is because the margin of victory was eleven votes - less than the statutory one-half of one percent. But for a SENATE SEAT to be held hostage like this!

Kudos to you all, and for the good work your observers are doing at the polls. (You know, this DOES explain the Senator's reelections....)