Friday, September 22, 2006

Go, Go, Hugo

For those who can't get enough of the UN speech by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, look for the whole thing. The Black Commentator has it all here.


Anonymous said...

Hey thx for the link. NPR said Chavez's speech was anti-American, but clearly it wasn't. It was anti-Bush, anti-neoimperialism. Bush may wish we were all on board with his program, but clearly we're not. Too bad NPR was so sloppy/blinkered.

NPR also neglected to say what a huge shout-out Chavez did for Chomsky's latest read. LOL!

massmarrier said...

Just so. Confusing and personalizing policy criticism seems the Bush way, although not exclusively his.

Speaking of laughing, the NYT has an amusing interview with Chomsky following Chavez' remark that he wishes he could have met him while he was alive.