Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Dance to Equality

Everyone here and maybe everywhere knows that Byron Rushing was right -- Massachusetts is the place where we favor marriage-equality by 75%, plus 1.

In the case of today's Constitutional Convention vote, it was 75% and then some by default. Apparently at least four of those who people expected to vote to advance the amendment to stop same-sex marriage here did not show at the State House.

Perhaps it was time for a manicure and shave instead.

Let us dance a languorous waltz to equality. Let us dance a spritely jig, just because.

There's lots of coverage on this, but right now, I'm feeling drained and relieved. I had trembled that we would even consider putting existing rights of a minority on the ballot to overturn.

On the dark side Voldemort Kris Mineau of Vote on Marriage told reporters:
I don't believe it's dead because the people have not had the opportunity to have their vote. This will not go away until the citizens have their opportunity to decide what the definition of marriage is.
This is what I and others have said and predicted numerous times. No matter how they are defeated -- courts, legislature, plebiscites -- the anti-gay/anti-SSM crowd will not honor the process, much less the rights of others. Here again, the people voted, representative democracy and all that. Even with this incredibly low bar of 25%, they could not trick, bully or cajole enough legislators to advance this toxin.

We have every reason to believe that this is their last stand in Massachusetts. I'll dance to that.

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Anonymous said...

Today is a day for celebrating! And I want to personally thank-you for your blogging, and being in the forefront of this fight.