Friday, June 22, 2007

Saved from Spite in Southie

Let us rain thanks upon Peter Gelzinis and the subject of his column in the Boston Herald, Rep. Brian Wallace.

Good Politics/Good Manners note: Actually Wallace deserves more. When you are sending your thank-you notes to the legislators who defeated the infamous anti-marriage-equality amendment last week, include him. He's not some Yuppie raised in a lefty home. He's a Southie kid from way back and a former running dog of Ray Flynn. Yet he also shows the compassion and the positive aspects of his religion. He was gutsy to do the right thing.
Rep. Brian P. Wallace
State House, Room 472
Boston, MA 02133
Since voting to kill the amendment, Wallace has "been bombarded by an avalanche of hate-filled emails." A few thank him, but it's mostly of the how-dare-you-creep variety.

Wallace is quick to point out that the claims of those who pushed the amendment -- plus the basest of the Herald columnists -- that those who switched their votes were bought off is that much hooey. "I'm not leaving Southie, or taking another job. I believe all that stuff was planted by the other side. And becaue of it, I'm getting crucified."

That's apt that he'd use religious imagery. He's a religious kind of guy.

He's also a lot smarter than many pushing the amendment. He figured out for example, "the level of hate I’ve seen coming through these e-mails and phone calls has only convinced me that if there had been an election on this question, it would have been the ugliest, most divisive election this state has ever seen."

He's seen Southie change and is there to represent everyone, not just the entrenched and close-minded.

He has a buddy in another Southie-based legislator, Sen. Jack Hart, who also voted against the amendment. When the insults fly, Hart is likewise ready. As he puts it, "In time, I think the vitriol will fade. When people want to challenge me over this issue. I ask them what they think Jesus would do? Would Jesus shower the same kind of hate upon these people?
Or would he love them anyway and treat them with compassion?"

Those might be good questions for the likes of Sean O'Malley and Ray Flynn.

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Jason said...

Props should also go to Rep. Marty Walsh, an Irish Catholic from Doprchester who voted against the ammendment every single time. He's one of only 22 (maybe 21?) who were consistent on this from the beginning.