Sunday, June 03, 2007

Guts and the Gavel and Gays

Let us turn our eyes to Senate President Therese Murray. Today, tomorrow and at least until Thursday, June 14th, she needs:
  • To know that we are watching
  • To read that existing civil rights are not toys
  • To hear that we each and all want the anti-marriage-equality amendment killed by any means necessary
As those in her position have shown here repeatedly, the Senate President can make or break any initiative, whether it originates from an interest group or another legislator. As we saw all too brutally in January, the General Court assembled in Constitutional Convention (ConCon) was quick and shameless in killing the health-care initiative, as it let the anti-marriage amendment advance to this ConCon.

In January, then Senate President Robert (Don't Call Me Bobby Anymore) Travaglini, shown here with Murray, gaveled the amendment forward and murdered universal health care rights for our citizens. Murray has the chance and duty to do much better for us.

She has the power, for good or evil. The vast majority of both our citizens and legislators know what the evil would be, stripping existing civil rights from homosexuals.

This is the time to contact her, repeatedly and in several forms. You can let her know at:
Senate President Therese Murray
State House
Room 330
Boston, MA 02133

Tel: (617) 722-1500
FAX: (617) 248-3840

District Office
Building Three, Room 319
Cordage Park
Plymouth, MA 02360

Tel: (508) 746-9332
As a reminder, this amendment needs only 50 of 200 legislators to advance to a general election. It looks like slightly over 50 would vote for it.

You can tell her that we should never even consider, much less condone, voting to remove existing rights from any minority group. That is undemocratic, unAmerican, and immoral. It is an absolute disgrace that the hateful anti-gay interests have gamed the system to get it this far.

It must the State the June.

Therese Murray is the head of the Senate here for all Massachusetts citizens. She needs to hear from you.

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1 comment:

Ryan said...

Damn straight. Since Murray is the key in this amendment's defeat or survival, she owns it. Therefore, she owns whatever comes of it. This amendment will decide her fate forever. If she allows it to pass, she'll be remembered as Kris Mineau's favorite Senator. If she blocks it, as she should, the vast majority of Massachusetts will remember her as a true herione who saved the day. It's up to her.