Monday, August 18, 2008

Counting Chang-Díaz Before They Hatch

Dems particularly have reason to be trepid about polls. We've been burned at all political levels. However, the latest results from the Second Suffolk Senate are in the time-for-a-change mold and may old.
Disclaimers: We at Left Ahead! are still waiting for the Sen. Dianne Wilkerson camp to reschedule our podcast they canceled the day before. Two of us have a guest column in Bay Windows calling for her to step down. At several of our blogs, we have said voters don't have to choose between good votes and honorable officials. Finally, the Chang-Díaz had the poll conducted.
The short of it is that among 417 likely voters in the Dem primary, Chang-Díaz is up 47.2% to 29.7% with 23.0% undecided. See detailed results here.

I need to run out and shall analyze it later, but the poll also shows comparisons in January and August on two key areas — favorability and whether Wilkerson deserves reelection. Following her plea bargain with the AG on campaign finance violations, her figures plunged.

That looks great for the reform candidate. There were similar figures two years ago, as reported by Adam Reilly in the Phoenix.

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